Book News

It’s Tuesday and, apparently, newsday as I have a bit of a heads-up to share! I’ve been in the process of re-edits for the Ahran Archives in preparation for an upcoming omnibus (more on that closer to time). In the process, I’ve fixed quite a few little quirks which will be reflected in the new versions I’ve submitted to day for e-books one through three. A simple re-download should fix if the new versions aren’t pushed to your device when they are available, which should be no later than tomorrow. As part of this process, I’ve temporarily taken down all three print versions to make some major quality of life adjustments: primarily, crisp and clear maps in grayscale that will be much easier to read on the printed page, as well as some formatting cleaning. Those new maps are going to look amazing! So thank you, lovely adventurers, for your patience while I get this sorted.

In other Tuesday Newsday book goings-on, I am working on final edits for a new and revised edition of Transmissions, my collection of speculative fiction and poetry. This new edition will not only feature a shiny new cover, but also a two brand-new pieces, and a new (to this collection) reprint of another Pine Float Press former anthology story! I cannot WAIT to share the new cover art with you…it is stunning.

I’m hard at work on the next installment in the Ahran Archives, another interlude in the style of Sixes and Sevens to give you some behind-the-scenes action, adventure, and lore-goodness before launching into the next arc in the series. I plan to write the arcs in quartets, at least for now. Stay tuned to your town herald (or, you know, social media) for more Ahran updates as I roll them out.

Here’s hoping your week is an adventure or the best kind!

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