Friday Face: Niamh Starsong

Well hello there! Last year, I would post Friday Face images and stories on Instagram that featured either characters from my books, or NPC’s that I made up for use in gaming or as writing prompts. I’m moving this feature over to my blog since my Friday Faces need room to breathe, and where better to begin than with the Ahran Archives?

Niamh Starsong is a Sylvan elf and a member of the Valiant Corps–Ahra’s largest organized militia, spanning the Accords countries. In Valiant and Sage, she is on a special assignment in Tanahr, serving both as soldier and spy. Niamh was a challenge to write at first because of her quiet, careful nature…she didn’t always tell me what she was thinking. I got to know her over the course of two rewrites, and I can honestly say she’s someone I would love to have on my side if things ever got dicey, or would even enjoy hanging out with in the Duskcat Inn over a nice hot cuppa. If I were to play Niamh in a tabletop game, she would be a ranger/rogue hybrid of some sort, since she’s an excellent markswoman and tracker as well as a top-notch spy. A little more about her:

  • Occupation: A member of the Valiant Corps and Ivory Order spy, heroine of Valiant and Sage.
  • Strengths: Niamh is a tireless warrior, gifted sharpshooter, tracker, and exemplary soldier.
  • Weaknesses: She is sometimes slow to trust others, which has made life challenging at times.
  • Backstory: Born in the Beechwoods of Sylvania to Sylvan Scout parents, Niamh followed in her family’s tradition of martial service as a Valiant instead of a Scout.
  • Current mission/status: In Valiant and Sage, Niamh is on a special mission with the Valiant Corps as a Sylvanian envoy to the Tanahr Northgate Expedition. What she cannot let the others know is that she has another, more urgent and secret mission in service of all Ahra…

The woman drew away her cloak. Shining gold-brown hair shook loose, revealing tall, pointed ears. She rested her hand on the short-sword at her side as she glanced around the room, taking things in before joining them at the table. Jeron shivered–something about her assessing expression, the sharpness of her gaze shocked through him. She seemed dangerous, somehow–at least, dangerous in the way a loaded crossbow or sharp blade could be.

-from Valiant and Sage

Would you be interested in adventuring with a daring, brave and crafty elf like Niamh? My books are filled with strong characters, each with wild and winding journeys of their own. Stay tuned for next week’s character, and remember, adventure awaits!

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