Dungeons and Dragons giveaway!

Hello, adventurers, and happy mid-week to you! I’m super excited to announce my participation in this amazing giveaway of a loot-chest full of shines and tabletop goodness. I know a lot of my followers are fans of tabletop gaming and Dungeons and Dragons in particular, so this would be a sweet haul if you’re chosen […]

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Magical Map Time!

Happy Saturday, adventurers! I just found out that after a long hiatus from an ongoing Dungeons and Dragons game, our gracious dungeonmaster is gifting us with a surprise session today! Why this is relevant to you: I was so excited by this news that I went and finished a map I’ve been working on, and […]

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Change in the Air

Where I am, things are changing. Day by day, sometimes even moment to moment–spring in this part of the northern hemisphere can be a dramatic affair! Drama or not, there is something about the new growth and burgeoning green that spurs me on to dive into new endeavors. I’m currently hard at work on a […]

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Book News

It’s Tuesday and, apparently, newsday as I have a bit of a heads-up to share! I’ve been in the process of re-edits for the Ahran Archives in preparation for an upcoming omnibus (more on that closer to time). In the process, I’ve fixed quite a few little quirks which will be reflected in the new […]

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Friday Face: Niamh Starsong

Well hello there! Last year, I would post Friday Face images and stories on Instagram that featured either characters from my books, or NPC’s that I made up for use in gaming or as writing prompts. I’m moving this feature over to my blog since my Friday Faces need room to breathe, and where better […]

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Valiant and Sage

I cannot believe it’s finally here…it’s release week for Valiant and Sage, book one in the Ahran Archives! This has been YEARS in the making. This book has seen so many twists and turns, transforming from a one-off, 20K novella to a fully realized, 40K book that is the first of many to come. Valiant […]

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News, and a Giveaway!

Happy Friday, adventurers! I have so many things going on right now, many of which I can’t yet talk about but which will be SO EXCITING to share with you when the pieces are all in place. I’ll start with the big one that I can talk about: Valiant and Sage. Sometimes adventure demands more […]

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Let the sun shine

It’s the Summer Solstice here in my part of the world today, and wow is it a hot and sunny one! Hazy blue skies for miles, heat shimmering along the pavement, green leaves dancing in an oven-hot breeze…a poster-perfect first day of summer. I love the equinoxes and solstices, since they are unerring markers in […]

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writing the next chapter

It’s been a long time since my last update…longer than I’d realized. All this snowy winter, projects have been brewing, marinating and a few even coming to fruition. My priorities have shifted: being part of the amazing Blush Free Sci-Fi Promo made me realize that there is an audience out there for lower-heat, high-action sci-fi […]

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Blush Free Romantic Scifi Giveaway!

Today is the day!!! I’m so incredibly excited an honored to be a part of the awesome Blush Free Romantic Sci-fi Giveaway that I’m…wait for it…over the moon! I am joining a remarkable host of authors offering high-action, low-heat romantic sci-fi adventures for free. My entry, Cornucopia, is a fast-paced novella packed with intrigue, action, […]

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