Valiant and Sage

Ahran Archives, Book One

A soldier on a secret mission and the mechmage who saves her life must work together to untangle the mystery of the Northgate. The stakes are higher than either of them dreamed, and Jeron and Niamh face horrors straight out of Ahran myth, forging a soul-deep bond along the way.

Niamh Starsong is a distinguished soldier sworn to protect the Northgate Expedition, but as an Ivory Order spy, she is on a top-secret assignment for the safety of all Ahra. A Sylvan elf newly stationed near the Tanahr capital of Easthaven, she discovers that the city and its people are not at all what she had expected, and that the most important assignment of her career comes with both sorrows and joys.

Jeron, a talented mage, inventor, and healer, seeks out Valiant Niamh Starsong’s smiles and warm conversation, teasing the serious soldier out of her shell. Tragedy strikes their expedition’s encampment and Jeron saves Niamh from the brink of death, forging a powerful, heart-to-heart bond in the process.

As monstrous terrors straight out of myth threaten Easthaven, Jeron and Niamh must work together to save the people and world they love, and discover along the way that a friendship tested by trials can deepen into so much more.

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“After journeying with Niamh and Jeron, I felt like they were friends. I can’t wait for more in this series and this magical world!” -5-Star Amazon Review

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