Sixes and Sevens

A soldier on a secret mission and the mechmage who saves her life must work together to untangle the mystery of the Northgate. The stakes are higher than either of them dreamed, and Jeron and Niamh face horrors straight out of Ahran myth, forging a soul-deep bond along the way.

He is sentenced to death and she to life—can their unique connection save them both?

Emrhys Coldriver is sentenced to life in prison for crimes she can’t remember committing. She struggles to simply stay alive in a prison warded by corrupting magic, afraid and alone—until her new guard arrives.

Corvus Sevens knows to listen to his instincts. As a skilled assassin, they’ve kept him alive countless times. When his instincts tell him that something is terribly wrong with the prisoner he’s ordered to protect and that they are connected in ways he doesn’t understand, he does something he never dreamed he would do—he defies orders to help her.

They soon discover that they have far more in common than they’d ever imagined. Faced with the ultimate punishment, Emrhys and Corvus seek truth and freedom, and find not only hope but something totally unexpected—the light of love along the way.