Ahra, or “Sanctuary,” is a single continent containing a wide diversity of climes, geographies, and peoples. Though some Ahrans are sea-faring by trade, the Great Sea surrounding Ahra is enclosed by a wall of non-navigable seas called the Worldstorm. There are whispered tales of a strange land far to the north, but little to substantiate its existence…only one entry in an Old Guard scribe’s atlas. Ahra is divided into The Accord nations (Empyrea, Merrowlands, Sylvania, Tanahr, and Umbra), the Northern Alliance (The Dominion and Orendt), the neutral empire of Canrish, and the shared neutral territory of The Temple Isles, holy sites belonging to all of Ahra.

Easthaven, Capital of the Accord

The Easthaven Garrison District

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The Easthaven Mageguild

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The world of Ahra is a land of diverse and stunning vistas, as varied and rich as the people you’ll find there. Galleries throughout the world collect and treasure art that celebrates Ahra’s beauty – these are but a few examples of Ahran landscapes at their finest.

Easthaven Outskirts, Tanahr

Easthaven’s outskirts offer a variety of vistas. From the stormy waters of the Great Sea to the mouth of the Tanahran River, from picturesque hills to farmlands and vineyards, Tanahr’s capital city borders lovely country.

Easthaven Mageguild

One of the largest Mageguilds in all of Ahra (only those in the Empyrea and Canrish capitals are larger), the Easthaven Mageguild is home to Sages, Novices, and a Loremaster, all dedicated to the magical maintenance and advancement of their city and Ahra as a whole.

Lighthaven, Tanahr

A painting in a recent style, a school of art known as Simplicity, depicting the Tanahran port town of Lighthaven. The northernmost of Tanahr’s major port cities, Lighthaven is a quiet and serene place, south of the Homesward Hills and known for its simple but elegant white towers and civic buildings.

Starfall, the capital of Empyrea

Starfall, the capital city of the proud Empyrean elves, is a marvel of architecture and wondrous devices crafted by gifted artificers, with towers that reach to the very stars its inhabitants revere.

Scribes’ Guild, Starfall

As one of Ahra’s leading producers of quality tomes, both magical and mundane, Starfall boasts a sizeable Scribes’ Guild–the largest in all of Ahra.

Umbral/Merrow Dwelling

Many Umbran and Merrow dwellings are perched on the edge of a body of water–swamps, rivers, lakes, and the Great Sea itself. Bright, sometimes ramshackle, and almost always surrounded by lush vegetation, they are a sight to see. In many of the Umbral regions, Nightmoss is farmed, and Umbran citizens and their Merrow allies live in harmony with the delicate and complex ecosystem of fen and bog.

The Road to Canrish

The approach from the woods of Sylvania to the rocky, arid lands of Canrish is breathtaking, and illustrates the natural borders that separate these two lands.

Reshk, Canrish

This bustling neutral capitol is home to one of the three functional Waystones of Ahra, and a hub of commerce, education, information, and trade. Reshk sprawls through a rare network of desert lakes, supplied by plentiful underground water tables, but is separated from the rest of the world by vast oceans of sand.

Leytemple Font, Tanahr

The Aixath Leytemple, one of the few extant of its kind, features an ornately decorated chamber to house the leywater font–the font of water linked directly to leylines, and which the resident leymage and their guardian strive to keep pure.

The Sylvan Woods

Sylvania is a nation covered in dense, temperate forests of both deciduous and evergreen trees. Sylvans and Sionnach, Sylvania’s inhabitants, are expert scouts, hunters, and stewards of these great forests, and revere their lands as the Source’s gift to their people.

Sylvan Outpost

Buried in the dense forests of Sylvania are many outposts. Fortified but warm and welcoming, they serve as a haven for Sylvan Scouts, visitors from other Accord nations, and Sylvan citizens who are traveling to other parts of their beautiful if sometimes dangerous forest land.

Aixath Trees

Ancient beyond reckoning, Aixath trees, found in southern Tanahr bordering Merrowlands and Umbra, are sacred to many peoples, and are known for their flowers’ healing properties, as well as their legendary beauty.

The Merrowlands

Unlike the swamps of Umbra, the Merrowlands are sun-drenched, hot, and brightly-colored, hosting a huge variety of jungle and aquatic life. Most Merrow people thrive best in in easy reach of the ocean, and their dwellings are as varied and vivid as the jungles and dazzling beaches they inhabit.

The Dominion

A frozen, austere nation blocked from the rest of Ahra by jagged mountains, The Dominion fiercely protects its borders, and conducts direct trade only with the peoples of Orendt and Canrish, with whom they have non-aggression treaties. Along with Orendt, a tiny, ice-bound nation even farther north, The Dominion leads the Northern Alliance, a silent political unknown (at least to the peoples of the Accord) and, it is thought, is a power to be reckoned with.

Presidium, The Dominion

A lonely town at the feet of forbidding mountains, Presidium and its people have long endured. Home to, outside the city proper, one of Ahra’s two defunct leystones.