Aether and Honor

A soldier on a secret mission and the mechmage who saves her life must work together to untangle the mystery of the Northgate. The stakes are higher than either of them dreamed, and Jeron and Niamh face horrors straight out of Ahran myth, forging a soul-deep bond along the way.

A soldier scarred by her past and a mage with fearsome power must join forces to defeat awakening evil and discover that trust and hope can heal even the deepest wounds.

Moya Anders, a brave and capable soldier, has sworn to protect the people of Tanahr to her last breath. Behind that record of service is a hidden and even greater duty—a vow to guard the sacred leytemples of Ahra when called, even if it means leaving all that she loves behind.

Ahndras Frost is a man living with the ghosts of his past, and with the dark magic he never asked for. His only desire is to safeguard Tanahr and its people despite those who look down upon his void born aethermagic. As a new threat creeps through the leylines of Tanahr, Ahn must put aside his doubts and give in to his power—the only power that can vanquish such evil.

Moya, scarred by her experiences with aethermages, comes face to face with the horrors invading Duskmere, barely escaping with her life. Ahn’s wits and aether save her life, and Moya vows to stay by his side and complete her mission, finding more than she bargained for in the process—hope amidst dangerous trials, and a burgeoning affection between two very different souls.