Gaming Tools

As a writer and dungeon master, I have often faced creative blocks, struggled to find the right tools to help me in my world building, and have felt overwhelmed and unsure of where to start. I often create prompts for myself as a means of pushing along my own writing and I thought, why not share these with people in the hopes they might find even a tiny flicker of inspiration? I hope these help you along on your adventures!




Looking for a one-shot for when your players want a break from the campaign at large? Short on story ideas for planning your next session as a dungeon master? Wizardshins Anyworld Adventures are system-neutral with a strong focus on a predetermined story progression, created so that the setting, plot events, enemies, and even loot can be used in any game setting of your choice. These adventures can be scaled at the DM’s discretion to accommodate any party size and level. Because these adventures for any system, stat blocks and conditions for challenges are not included: simply use the standard for your chosen system’s equivalent. With a fully-plotted story arc, detailed scene/battle maps, and a list of NPC’s/enemies, these mini-modules have everything you need to jump start an encounter. Anyworld Adventures can be run as one-shots or seamlessly integrated with your current campaign…you decide what works best for your group!