The Legacy: People and Places

Character Art by Soulnova Alizrak

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The Xereth, a proud and insular warrior race from the farthest reaches of the Kraah Supremacy, are known for their adaptability and prowess in combat. They are feared galaxy-wide for their resistance to Legacy powers, and when two Xereth Hunters–elite soldiers–working for Legion fall prey to the power of an unknown psionic weapon, the incident calls into question everything they thought true about their place in the galaxy.

Xereth are tall, physically powerful, and easily distinguished from humans because of their pointed ears, skin in varying hues of gray, and silvery eyes with pupils and irises that are almost too pale to discern. There is no other race in the Kraah Supremacy quite like them, though the Ixthyll of Aegis bear similar physiological traits.

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Xereth Characters

S4 (1)Operator S-4 is a Xereth field agent and former intelligence operative now in employ of the Legion Initiative. Along with Threnka-Resh and Ryuok-Ishni, he is currently one of only three Xereth warriors to serve this secretive movement in its efforts to stabilize relations between Bastion forces as they prepare for bigger, badder threats than one another. There is little existing information on Operator S-4, but he is a consummate agent with a spotless record.

YUOKI (1)Ryuok-Ishni (formal name), known as Yuoki to those closest to him, serves the Legion as Controller 1-A, a field agent with full oversight over mission directives, extractions, remote support and cleanup as needed. Though young for a Xereth Hunter, he has seen much strife in his years and has his own mysterious reasons for serving alongside his Aegis counterparts–normally enemies to his people–in a fight to unite the galaxy against bigger threats.

THREN (1)Threnka-Resh (formal name) is a military strategist and Xereth forces ex-Commandant in charge of the Legion Initiative, and is a seasoned warrior who has seen far too much conflict in his life. Known as Threnkar to his closest kin and kith, and Legion Prime to those who serve him in the Legion’s goals, he is a man of vision, caution, and intelligence and is unflappable in the face of even the most chilling of dangers.


Humans live in almost all sections of the Bastion galaxy, though they are less common in remote areas of the Kraah Supremacy, and in the neutral zones of the Border Wastes. Those who possess The Legacy, a catch-all term for any number of extradordinary powers related to nanotechnology and factors unkown, are both feared and valued by others. In both the Aegis and Kraah Supremacy systems, Legacied humans such as Navigator P-72 are often conscripted into military service, appropriated for scientific research, and otherwise expected to provide service to their people in light of the gifts they bear. It’s no small wonder that some Legacied humans–people like the disgraced noble Cade Annant–keep their abilities hidden, and exist on the fringes of society.

Human Characters

CadeCade Annant is the son of a disgraced Aegis Prime noble family who have too many problems to pay one errant son any mind. Out of credits and out of luck,Cade has spent the last years of his life using his remarkable swordsmanship–a Legacy power–to protect the lowest of the low in the guts of Aegis’s capital city, and to try to stop the insidious voice in his head that only seems to quiet when he is in physical pain. When he meets a Xereth Hunter (Ryuok-Ishni) in an Aegis back alley after a scuffle with a Skip Tracer hunting him for credits, Cade’s inner voice gives way to a new one–something calmer, something outside of the pain, and he has every reason to suspect the Xereth man has something to do with this sudden peace. Cade follows the stranger on a covert mission, not caring what he’s getting into as long as it shuts up the thing inside his head.

Navigator_P-72_thicker_outlineNavigator P-72 is an Aegis citizen working for Legion as a field operative specializing in infiltration, negotiations, deep-cover assignments, and subterfuge. She is also a capable pilot and fighter. She joined the Legion Initiative as a way to give back to her people, even if her official government does not know of her efforts on their behalf. Discharged dishonorably from Aegis Special Forces after a battle in the Border Wastes gone south, she is off any official Aegis radar, working in the shadows to use her Legacy protecting her world and Bastion at large. Her Legacy is difficult to pin down, but suffice to say, you don’t want to get into any bluffing game with her. She can read most humanoids and many other Bastion races like holo-books thanks to her unique powers–powers which serve her well as a Legion undercover operative.