Break it down…#FridayFeel

casual-chair-coffee-1842621 (1)Lunch breaks, fifteen-minute rest breaks, spare moments between errands–what do these things have in common?

Hint…this is a blog post about creativity and positivity and a big, huge #FridayFeel.

The answer: breaks are a chance to text your Muse, ping the creative spirit within you that was hiding behind Excel spreadsheets, calendar appointments and endless to-do lists.

But I’m busy, Eliza! (That’s you, talking to me, and I’m nodding in total agreement).

I know you’re busy. CRAZY busy. I also know your soul needs that rest break in a big way. I know fifteen minutes may not seem like a lot, but you’d be amazed at what you can get done in such a small space! Creativity does not mean sitting down and writing the greatest novel of your generation, or painting an epic mural or composing an entire sonata…it means engaging, just for a moment or two, in your ideas and dreams. This blog post? A ten-minute free-for-all where I let myself spill my thoughts onto the page then spent the last five minutes of that 15-minute respite editing/posting the piece.

beautiful-beauty-carefree-1458318 (1)The thing about not having a lot of time is that you don’t have the time to be critical. I have friends who do ten minutes of free writing, and solve entire plot problems in the process. I know folks who carry a lightweight sketchbook or tablet with them and just scribble away in the space between one errand and the next, sometimes story-boarding whole comics or getting line art done for a commission they’ve put off for far too long.

And making this a habit? It’s *that* much easier to, the next time you get a break, dive into a creative project with the confidence that it will lead to good things, and the joy of engaging with that part of yourself in the midst of your workaday world. It shows your Muse, your spirit, your subconscious mind that yes, I’m serious about taking time to create and reaping the benefits of authenticity and self-care!

What are some things that you could do in a lunch break’s span of time? I’d love to hear them in the comments and, as ever, happy creating! ❤

My Moonpath: Tuesday, Newsday

So writing and editing both took a back seat to some not-writing-life goings on (I used to say ‘real life,’ but it’s all real). Now I’ve emerged from this most recent spate of lifey occupations with new resolve, new ideas and yes, an exciting new project that I can’t wait to tell you about in the coming weeks, but which for now must remain secret.

Hint: my rebranding is related to this marvelous, magical, and oh so lovely secret enterprise.

moon-2395139_1920 (1)Most of us content creators and, well, most of us humans in general know the feeling of the whirlwind U-Turn, the sudden branch in the path, or even better, a new path made of shimmering moonbeams that appears on a magical eve to take us to a higher place in life. This project…it’s definitely a moonbeam path. I was talking to my writing bestie Cassandra Chandler about this new road, agonizing about feeling committed to previously planned projects and already-mapped directions. As a good friend will do, she asked the most difficult and simple question: why wait?

I won’t go on about the fleeting nature of life, but I will say, if I’ve been offered a chance to embark upon a journey that fills me with such love, light and joy that I can barely contain it (I am spilling glitter everywhere, it feels like!), why put it on a back burner? Writing is such hard work and inspiration is not something we can count on if we want to make this a professional endeavor and not just a hobby but sometimes, the Muses sing and listening is the only thing to do.

Expect news in the coming couple of months, and thank you for joining me on my moon-path. So, what are your Muses whispering/yelling/singing/signing/interpretive dancing to you these days? ❤