Happy Halloween, and it’s Nearly NaNo!

Happy Halloween…this spoopy, creppy day, this time of seeing Egon Spengler and Hermione Granger in the elevator at work (I totally did, one year) and of fending off sugar highs. This year, I awoke to find my festive autumnal porch display crusted in sleet and snow under a cold, morning sun. Autumn kind of gave up the ghost (pun totally intended) and we moved straight … Continue reading Happy Halloween, and it’s Nearly NaNo!

Living Gratitude, Giving Thanks

It is easy to say “thank you” or “I am grateful” when “Thanks” is in the very name of the holiday many people in my country are observing today. My hope for all of us this season is that we find just as many reasons to carry this ‘attitude of gratitude’ out into the world’s mundane Mondays, workaday Wednesdays and in our everyday interactions with … Continue reading Living Gratitude, Giving Thanks