Dungeons and Dragons giveaway!

Hello, adventurers, and happy mid-week to you! I’m super excited to announce my participation in this amazing giveaway of a loot-chest full of shines and tabletop goodness. I know a lot of my followers are fans of tabletop gaming and Dungeons and Dragons in particular, so this would be a sweet haul if you’re chosen […]

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Gratitude with a Twist

Happy Worldbuilding Wednesday everyone! Since tomorrow is a holiday where I live, I figured I’d offer a special two-in-one map and prompt with a twist on the idea of a feast of gratitude. After all, I can’t just let something as wonderful as a celebration of thanks be safe and totally free of creepiness and […]

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Map Monday: Autumnal Dumb Supper

An ancient stone building in a sleepy autumnal forest is donned in festive lanterns and carved pumpkins, torches and braziers alight. Inside awaits a sumptuous feast, the small but pristine hall alight with radiance. Yet nobody attends the feast, and a heavy silence hangs over the building and surrounding woods. What is this place? Some […]

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