Change in the Air

Where I am, things are changing. Day by day, sometimes even moment to moment–spring in this part of the northern hemisphere can be a dramatic affair! Drama or not, there is something about the new growth and burgeoning green that spurs me on to dive into new endeavors. I’m currently hard at work on a […]

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Friday Face: Niamh Starsong

Well hello there! Last year, I would post Friday Face images and stories on Instagram that featured either characters from my books, or NPC’s that I made up for use in gaming or as writing prompts. I’m moving this feature over to my blog since my Friday Faces need room to breathe, and where better […]

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Let the sun shine

It’s the Summer Solstice here in my part of the world today, and wow is it a hot and sunny one! Hazy blue skies for miles, heat shimmering along the pavement, green leaves dancing in an oven-hot breeze…a poster-perfect first day of summer. I love the equinoxes and solstices, since they are unerring markers in […]

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