Hawke’s Quarry

Welcome, brave traveler, to Ahra. Here you will find a land of diverse and vibrant people, magic and danger, friendship and love. Hawke’s Quarry is a standalone prequel to my first Ahran Archives book, Valiant and Sage. Adventure Awaits!

For Valiant captain Brennan Hawke, Midsummer Night patrols mean a hearty helping of chaos, mischief, and mayhem. What he didn’t count on was stalking a clever thief through the entire city, only to find a different kind of trouble…dark magic, nefarious plots, and a strange pull toward said thief that has nothing to do with the thrill of the chase.

Leneah Stillwater’s no stranger to slipping out of sticky situations, but her bag of tricks doesn’t seem to hold what it takes for her to shake the persistent Valiant hot on her trail. Caught up in a deadly web of intrigue, her hunter is the least of her problems. Falling into his snare might allow her to survive the trials ahead, but puts Leneah in the path of a different danger altogether—losing her heart.