About Me

20181101_161953 (1) (1)So, who is this “Eliza Sinclair” person?

Eliza Sinclair is yet another author who finds it awkward to write about herself in third person. With the help of tea, a patient spouse and characters who like to bombard her with their life stories, Eliza settles in after her day job to write tales of adventure in far away worlds. When she’s not busy untangling plot-knots you can find her haunting local bookstores and libraries, gaming with her friends, buried in art projects, or wrangling cats.

So that’s all we get? A third-person, book-back bio?

NOPE! I just like to troll. Howdy there, intrepid adventurer…I’m your friendly neighborhood Eliza and now that I’m writing in first person, I can tell you with great confidence that I’m so happy you stopped by! I am a middle-aged geek-a-nerd (thanks, Space Ghost Coast to Coast) who has been lurking on your forums and collecting your memes since Ye Kinda Olden Internet Days, and who fills this life with such awesomesauce pursuits as reading, writing, gaming, humaning with other neat-o humans, and petting furbabies. On my site you’ll find content like guest blog posts for Luna Station Quarterly, effusive squeeing about both tabletop and video gaming, my original serial fiction, arty stuff, and links to my published work. I hope you enjoy your journeys here!

caffeine-coffee-cup-6347 (2)Hey, Eliza, I like what you do…how can I support you?

Creating content is a lot of work–work that I’m happy to do (for my own sanity happiness)–but work all the same. If you enjoy what I do and have the means so support my work, you can buy me a coffee/boba tea/piece of pie/sparkling water via my Ko-Fi Page.  Otherwise, well-wishes, comments, or happy thoughts will do!

Donations and eventually ongoing support will allow me to mitigate sundry costs associated with writing, marketing, breathing air and existing corporeally. Any and all offerings are welcome (via Ko-Fi, not piles of bones on my doormat but thank you all the same) and so gratefully appreciated, and I promise to keep the content flowing like, uh, something flowy. Water or silk or really nice hair.

Thank you for stopping by, for reading, and for your wonderful support!

PS, if you are a reviewer interested in my work for review purposes, please email me at elizasinclairwrites@gmail.com.