My Books

Sci-Fi and Sci-Fi Romance, Speculative Fiction and Poetry

Cornucopia, a sci-fi novella, is now available on paperback and ebook from Amazon, and digitally through other vendors. Cornucopia features soft sci-fi, romance, cyberpunk, and post-apocalyptic elements underlined by hope for a better tomorrow. Formerly published as Temporary Duty Assignment.

Transmissions is available in paperback  and E-book from Lulu, and as an E-book for Nook.

A collection of short fiction and poetry from Pine Float Press, including original pieces as well as work previously published by Strange Horizons, Luna Station Quarterly, Apex Magazine and The Book Smugglers.

The selections included in ‘Transmissions” range from hard-edged military sci-fi to delicately disquieting poetry. Each piece in this collection sparkles with wit, compassion and Sinclair’s singular vision.

Serial Fiction

The Ahran Archives; a fantasy weberies available for free on!