Magical Map Time!

Happy Saturday, adventurers! I just found out that after a long hiatus from an ongoing Dungeons and Dragons game, our gracious dungeonmaster is gifting us with a surprise session today! Why this is relevant to you: I was so excited by this news that I went and finished a map I’ve been working on, and now I’m going to share it! Here’s the accompanying prompt:

Nestled deep in the heart of a dark and dangerous forest, a strange sight awaits. Adventures who journey far enough will step through the dense canopy to find a clearing dotted with mushrooms, fruit trees and lush green grass. In the middle of the clearing is a shallow blue pond sparkling with fairy lights. Two impossibly large mushrooms sprout from the shimmering waters, and a strange but pleasant scent fills the air. Not far from this magical scene, a brightly-colored caravan sits in a long-established campsite. Who lives in this strange place? Are they a guardian of the clearing’s magic, or is there something more sinister coaxing these unearthly giant mushrooms into being?

Is this the kind of place your adventuring party or the main character of your current story would be tempted to explore? If so, I links to download or clone both the gridded and non-grid version of this scene are on my Inkarnate page for those of you with a Pro account. If you don’t have Inkarnate Pro, you can download each version from my DeviantArt page.

For any of you going on adventures this weekend, imagined or otherwise, be safe and have fun, and I’m wishing you all the best!

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