Let the sun shine

Photo by Dua Chuot on Pexels.com

It’s the Summer Solstice here in my part of the world today, and wow is it a hot and sunny one! Hazy blue skies for miles, heat shimmering along the pavement, green leaves dancing in an oven-hot breeze…a poster-perfect first day of summer. I love the equinoxes and solstices, since they are unerring markers in the cycle of the year. I need those anchors: something that doesn’t change, something that helps me wrap my head around this tricky thing called time. I often celebrate these celestial landmarks by a little goal-setting. Since it’s the longest day of the year, I figured I’d shine some of that light on my goals for the summer! Between now and the fall equinox, the plan is to write books 3 and 4 of the Ahran Archives, get my newsletter up and running and pack it with all sorts of goodies, and keep the maps, gaming and Ahran Lore content coming so that my readers will always have a new treat headed their way. I think these are achievable goals, and I cannot wait to share the fruits of my labor. What about you? Do you observe the solstice or make goals based on the time of year?

In the meantime, here is a special #teasertuesday treat: an excerpt from the totally revamped/rewritten book formerly known as Valiant Heart, now titled Valiant and Sage. Niamh, the elf in question, is such a fun character for me to write…a wonderful mix of powerful, emotive, stubborn, and oddly sweet.

“The woman drew away her cloak. Shining gold-brown hair shook loose, revealing tall, pointed ears.  She rested her hand on the short-sword at her side as she glanced around the room, taking things in before joining them at the table. Jeron shivered–something about her assessing expression, the sharpness of her gaze shocked through him. She seemed dangerous, somehow–at least, dangerous in the way a loaded crossbow or sharp blade could be.”

-Valiant and Sage

I cannot wait to share more about her, and about the world of Ahra in the coming days! Thanks as always for reading, and wishing you all good things!

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