writing the next chapter

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It’s been a long time since my last update…longer than I’d realized. All this snowy winter, projects have been brewing, marinating and a few even coming to fruition. My priorities have shifted: being part of the amazing Blush Free Sci-Fi Promo made me realize that there is an audience out there for lower-heat, high-action sci-fi romance. With new constraints on my time and life’s normal weirdnesses and curve balls, I’ve had to make a few decisions and have finally been able to key in a solid trajectory for the journey ahead. So, how does that look in real time?

  1. I’m hard at work on not one, but two books in the Seeds of Hope series! And omg, they are writing themselves! I’ve already talked about Bounty, but there is another book and I’m keeping it secret, keeping it safe until I can announce it. Stay tuned for more info in the coming days!
  2. I’ve decided to release Dark Summons, my system-neutral tabletop mini-module for free here on my website.
  3. With the sci-fi promo I was a part of came new readers and followers, and not all of them are gamers. Also, not all of my gamer friends want to hear every bit of news about my fiction projects. To accommodate this, I’ll be creating a secondary Instagram account, and focusing my Facebook efforts primarily on writing. Watch for @elizasinclairwrites over on Insta–I’ll keep up the writing hustle there, but still occasionally share new release and project information on my Wizardshins account for readers there!

Whew, that was a LOT. Still with me? Do I need to send over some tea or snacks? As always, thank you so much for joining me on this wild journey, and don’t forget to take short and long rests, hydrate, and pause to gaze up at the stars.

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