Cornucopia and Sci-fi News

Hello, all…I’m back after the holiday break and ready to dive into the New Year with shiny projects, exciting announcements and all kinds of goodies! What a joy it is to have such things to share with you, and to have the time in which to embark on these new journeys.

I’m so excited to announce that my post-dystopia novella Cornucopia, a story of love and hope surviving in a broken but healing world, will be part of the amazing Blush Free Books‘ upcoming Blush Free Romantic Sci-Fi promotion! If you love incredible sci-fi world building, compelling characters and closed-door romance with high stakes and tension, this is the giveaway for you. All the awesome authors in this promo write Blush Free romance, a term that author Pauline Baird Jones has coined to describe high-octane, low-heat stories. Watch the Blush Free Books blog and social media from January 15th through January 31st to snag some out of this world reads!

My entry, Cornucopia, is fast-paced sci-fi with romance novella, and the first in the Seeds of Hope series, featuring a world nearly destroyed by apocalyptic war. Stay tuned for links and updates on this promotion, sign up for my newsletter for all the latest updates, and thank you so much for stopping by!

About Cornucopia:

Samantha Gao is an elite Metro operative, dedicated to a better life for citizens of her city and fiercely protective of anyone under her care. She’s the best of the best—at least, she used to be. A devastating mission and rumors of corruption within the ranks have left her questioning everything, even herself. Now, she’s supposed to protect the very company that might be responsible for the loss of her team. She goes into the assignment ready for anything—except coming face-to-face with the past she walked away from.

Working as an engineer at the Greenerhouse branch of the Cornucopia seed colony, Caleb Estes is at the forefront of reclamation efforts slowly bringing the scarred earth back to life. With humanity finally getting their act together and striving to achieve the basics again—food, clean air and water—he has resources at his disposal he never dreamed of. The work is almost enough to keep him from dreams that won’t rest. Dreams of his first love.

But when Sam walks back into Caleb’s life, his dreams are replaced with stark realities about his work and his past. The answers they both seek aren’t easily won, but neither is willing to let go of hope this time around. Can they hold on to a second chance at love while fighting to secure humanity’s future?

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