Gratitude with a Twist

Happy Worldbuilding Wednesday everyone! Since tomorrow is a holiday where I live, I figured I’d offer a special two-in-one map and prompt with a twist on the idea of a feast of gratitude. After all, I can’t just let something as wonderful as a celebration of thanks be safe and totally free of creepiness and shenanigans, lol!

Today’s prompt: Your party, recently back in town after fighting monsters for the locals, receives an invitation to ‘A Feast of Gratitude For Brave Heroes.’ You accept and travel to a beautiful if somewhat forbidding noble mansion in the country on the edge of a great forest. Masked servants greet you and guide you to a great chamber where feast tables are prepared with the finest dinnerware, fires are roaring in enormous grates. and huge suits of armor flank the doors. Where is your host, and why is it so strangely quiet at this time of supposed celebration?

This map would be perfect for a quick one-shot or encounter in any number of fantasy or gothic fantasy settings, and includes little details such as a plague mask flanked by skull candles on a wood bureau; oversized suits of armor flanking all but one door that is far smaller than the others, and covered in a red velvet curtain; trinket boxes and peculiar objects such as a gleaming white book in a purple velvet-lined case in a dark corner; and a weapons rack next to an enormous roaring fire with just one chair in front and facing away from it. Vampires, werewolves, undead creatures, cultists–a discerning dungeon master would have plenty of NPC’s and enemies to pick from for building a short encounter!

In the spirit of gratitude, thank you all so much for your comments, follows, and interactions. I have loved being part of the TTRPG community, and I look forward to many more years to come!

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