Tasty Tuesday: Harvest Goodies

Photo by EKATERINA BOLOVTSOVA on Pexels.com

Happy Tasty Tuesday all! Since it’s autumn here in the northern hemisphere, I’ve had harvest-time foods on my mind. Pumpkin bread, heart stews, spiced cider…all sorts of goodies that I associate with the time of year and all it brings. And of course, I can’t help but think about the various regions of Ahra, and what a harvest season would look like in these places.

The bread-basket of central Tanahr, the fens and swamps of eastern and southern Umbra, the mountains and valleys of Empyrea, the boreal forests of the Dominion, the arid expanse of Canrish, and so many more… Getting to know the terrain, weather, flora and fauna of my lands has given me a lot to think about. These things determine the food, economy, and other important cultural aspects of my world and of course, knowing my world helps me shape my characters. This little exercise in determining the harvest crops of Ahra led to some unexpected and delightful things, including ideas for recipes specific to various regions during the autumnal or harvest times of a year!

What, if any, special/traditional harvest season recipes exist in your world? Is there a particular time when crops are culled? Pumpkin or squash soups and pastries, lentil and root vegetable stews and curries, ripe figs and juicy pomegranates: what sorts of foods would your characters associate with the harvest season? Speaking of lentils, lentil stews and soups are common in Tanahr, Canrish, and Sylvania, though the styles and ingredients vary widely. In eastern Tanahr, where my first Ahran Archives books take place, the lentils are stewed whole with seasonal vegetables, meat or veggie stock, aromatic herbs, and garnished with goat’s milk cheese. I might even have to make this recipe for myself sometimes, since I just so happen to love a good lentil soup! Now that I’ve made myself good and hungry (it’s awfully close to lunch time), I’ll sign off, but I challenge you to think about the harvest foods of your gaming or writing worlds…feel free to share a favorite recipe in the comments, and happy Tasty Tuesday!

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