Map Monday: Autumnal Dumb Supper

An ancient stone building in a sleepy autumnal forest is donned in festive lanterns and carved pumpkins, torches and braziers alight. Inside awaits a sumptuous feast, the small but pristine hall alight with radiance. Yet nobody attends the feast, and a heavy silence hangs over the building and surrounding woods. What is this place? Some in your party may have heard of the tradition of the Dumb Supper–a completely silent feast to honor one’s ancestors or the spirits of those who came before. Do you dare to partake of the lavish feast within the bright if quiet hall, or do you lead your party away from this place and what it might hold?

Today’s scene or battlemap is a revamped version of my New Year’s Feast map, and inspired by the concept of the dumb supper. It was also a wonderful way to play around with possible narrative expectations: a seemingly bright and festive scene but overhung with unearthly silence, bereft of revelry, perhaps even fraught with otherworldly danger. What would your character do when faced with such a paradox?

You can find this and my other maps over on Inkarnate…ghost on over there if you want some creppy, spoopy content for an upcoming campaign!

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