Map Monday: Strange Festivities

With Spooky Season upon us, I wanted to create a few autumnal, harvest-time maps that contain elements of mystery. These 25 x 25 maps are perfect for scene setting, or as battle maps, and as usual each has a prompt to go along with it–because hey, sometimes we need an encounter on the go! Today’s map, Strange Festivities, has all kinds of creepy possibility and was a ton of fun to make. I hope you enjoy it!

The Prompt:

As you and your party make your way through a quiet field lit by the last golden rays of sun, you hear something other than the gentle whispering of wheat and grass. On the horizon, you spot a flickering radiance, and move closer to investigate. You meet a strange sight: a clearing filled with hay bales, surrounded by hearty pumpkin vines full of the fruit, colorful buntings and torches, barrels of wine and beer, and baskets of apples. In the center of the clearing, enclosed in a sort of seating arena of hay bales, a huge brazier is lit but for now, only the slightest embers. A closer look reveals a figure—humanoid—nestled in the center of the embers and raised on a huge wagon wheel, lying still and dressed in white. The air hums with an unnatural sound and all around the brazier, a yellow sigil glowers against the turned earth–a magic circle of some sort. The brazier is surrounded by luminous red flowers, ripe apples, and at one end, a huge basket is overflowing with sunflowers, fruit, corn, gold coins, and other offerings. Large bundles of kindling and newly harvested wheat flank the basket, and a trail of those red flower petals leads somewhere beyond the clearing to…what, you cannot even imagine. Do you investigate this strange festival, or do you try to back away, praying you have not been spotted?

Find the map over on Inkarnate, and thanks for reading!

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