Tasty Tuesday: To Market!

I’ve already blogged about the whole ‘food is life!’ phenom once recently, and have since realized that I can go on and on about this subject. Thus, “Tasty Tuesday: Fantasy Edition” was born. Food is not just life, it can add life to a manuscript and draw readers into a fully immersive experience. All of us Terran Humans eat food in some way, and it makes sense that showing foods and food-related traditions in your fantasy world can give a reader something familiar to connect with.

Deepening that worldbuilding surrounding sustenance is that whole matter of procurement: where does the food come from? Today’s prompt asks you to think about produce, and where your adventurers or main characters find their ingredients. Do they visit busy city bazaars, specific farmers they’ve struck up bargains with,wee little village produce stalls, their own shared garden, or somewhere else? Is bartering common, or do they pay a set price with a specific local currency? If they are traveling through the countryside, do your characters know waypoints where they can restock their supplies, tasty treats (or bare necessities) included? Does your party ever trade their services as bodyguards, warriors, and so on for a few good meals or the supplies to make them?

Sharing tidbits in games and your writing detailing how people come about their means of sustenance can go a long way in making your players/readers feel at home in a world–a world where, just like theirs, someone has to put food on the table. I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments, and I hope this Tasty Tuesday brings you lovely treats in the real world!

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