This Week’s Map Prompt: Lightning Dungeon

Hello, all! This week’s prompt will be the first of many to come. I’ll be cross-posting the prompts that accompany the maps I share on Inkarnate for those who prefer to find all pertinent links on one centralized page.

This week’s dungeon is a simple 25×25 gridded battle-map (no-grid version also available) featuring a rather shocking (I know, not the most electrifying of puns) puzzle for adventurers to solve. You can find the map and prompt here on Inkarnate!

And the prompt:

As your party makes their way through the dark, dangerous ruins, you smell something familiar…the scent of a thunderstorm, that moment right before lightning strikes. You enter a strange chamber that branches off from the main passageways. Inside, you find a complex interplay of flashing lights and shadow. Past monstrous statues and towering columns, along a ruined royal carpet, is a path to something stunning. Treasure! Chests, piles of gold and gems, shimmering potions, who knows what else? The only problem, well, it’s a big one. Those enormous menacing statues shooting lightning, the bolts arcing around the pool of shallow water in which the treasures rest, likely enchanted against water damage. Is this trove tribute to a forgotten god? Is there any way you and your fellow adventurers might brave the puzzle of the lightning-statues, and take possession of the riches beyond? Take your chances, adventurer, and see what happens…

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