Free Gaming Maps!

Well hello, all! My first blog post of 2021, and it’s about free stuff–that’s the way to start out a year! 🙂

I’ve recently become obsessed with mapmaking. I have uploaded a new and improved Ahra world map and Tanahr country map (made in Wonderdraft), and Tanahr’s capital, Easthaven, has a new map courtesy of the awesome Medieval City Generator from watabou. You can find these all in the maps tab of my page!

Here’s a sneak peek at the cosetting for book one of the Ahran Archives, my fantasy series that will be releasing next year:

Mapping my worlds is not the only thing I’ve been up to, though. Recently I’ve decided to dive in and take full advantage of my Inkarnate Pro membership, and I’ve been teaching myself how to create maps for use in tabletop gaming campaigns. I’ve already field-tested a couple in my Roll20 DnD 5e campaign (set in Ahra, woo!) and while I still struggle with scale, so far so good. If you would like to take a few of these maps out of a spin, you can wander over to Inkarnate (you’ll need a free account to download these), or you can also find some of them on Deviant Art. I’ve provided links to my Inkarnate in DA profiles in my About page, but as a quick reference, I’ll plop them here, too:

Wizardshins on Inkarnate

Wizardshins on Deviant Art

I hope your year is off to a lovely start, and remember, adventure awaits! ❤

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