Ahra Announcement!

Ahran Archives BannerAhra, my fantasy world that I’ve been creating/traveling for the past few years, now has a new destiny.

Let me back up. The first iterations of this world began at least 7 years ago, maybe longer, as a love letter to the worlds I visited in tabletop and video-gaming. An early version actually won a pitch slot at a regional convention, and though the agent ended up passing, I got some excellent feedback and learned so much along the way. Valiant Heart, as I ended up naming book one, ventured along a twisting path of being shopped around and self-published in multiple iterations. One thing became clear to me as I continued writing in this world: it is not suited to traditional series publishing.

Valiant Heart is a novella. Book two, Sixes and Sevens, is a novelette. Each installment follows or introduces new characters to an already established world–something that is not easy to do in a large, cohesive fantasy series. The problem pressed upon me this past fall more than ever when I completed book 3. What was I supposed to do with a novella/novelette/shorter novella/and so on format? How in the world could I market it properly?

The answer smacked me upside the head recently as I sat in the parking lot of my day job, just off the phone with an awesome author friend. Serial fiction is something I’ve been interested in for a while now, and have even tried…why not go that route? I screeched out loud in delight, probably startling a passerby or two. Ahra is a wide and diverse world populated by some fascinating characters who find themselves in the throes of adventure. They are not alone in these journeys, though–the events that affect one group are mirrored in other parts of the world, and all of these seemingly disparate instances are building, menacingly, inexorably, to events that will affect them all.

Thus, the Ahran Archives, a Serial Adventure, was (re)born. The Arhan Archives will start with the events of Valiant Heart, with each new arc represented as a separate season. When all seasons are completed, I will offer e-book and paperback ominbus editions. I am SO excited! In the next couple of weeks, I’ll unveil a new website dedicated entirely to Ahra: a world of steam-age-magitech, high fantasy, found family, and yes, dangerous but thrilling adventure. Stay tuned for more details in the coming days!

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