Cornucopia: Surprise Release!

CornucopiaWith Thanksgiving around the corner, thoughts of the harvest season, of gratitude, and found family have been on my mind. I realized that my sci-fi novella, Cornucopia (first published with The Book Smugglers) speaks to these themes in some big ways…ways that mean a lot to me on a personal level, and which drove me to write the piece in the first place.

With the help of my awesome authorly bestie, Cassandra Chandler, I have a newly edited, fresh-covered and shiny book and following with the whole gratitude thing, I AM SO THANKFUL! Samantha Gao’s story is close to my heart, and now it’s coming to the world this coming Tuesday, 11/19, in a gorgeous new edition that I am so excited to share with the world.

Cornucopia is what I like to call post-dystopian, almost-solarpunk: it’s the world after the apocalypse, where seed colonies thrive and humanity exists on the brink of a beautiful new era, even if the current iteration of the world is not quite there yet. A novella with a short-story prologue, Cornucopia is fast-paced, hard-hitting and filled with heart–a second-chance romance and secondary theme of not letting wounds of the past rule out hope for the future exist alongside action and complex, soft sci-fi worldbuilding.

Pre-order/buy links will be coming soon, so watch this space for more news about this awesome new project, and even more good stuff in the works in the coming month!



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