Happy Halloween, and it’s Nearly NaNo!

20191031_095319 (1)Happy Halloween…this spoopy, creppy day, this time of seeing Egon Spengler and Hermione Granger in the elevator at work (I totally did, one year) and of fending off sugar highs. This year, I awoke to find my festive autumnal porch display crusted in sleet and snow under a cold, morning sun. Autumn kind of gave up the ghost (pun totally intended) and we moved straight on into winter. I cannot believe that tomorrow…TOMORROW!…is NaNoWriMo, aka, November. WHERE HAS THE YEAR GONE??? WHAT IS TIME, EVEN? *ahem*

I love Halloween for so many reasons, not the least of which is its symbolic place in my year, helping me mark the deepening of the darker season which is often my most creatively fruitful time of year. I love celebrating what has come before, and the crisp autumn weather and yummy food and the festive, costumed citizens of earth. I also love that it’s NaNo eve, the calm before a word-storm (hopefully). I recently blogged about my reasons for adoring NaNoWriMo over on Luna Station Quarterly, but I can give you the TLDR version here: I never, ever get tired of seeing people gathering to celebrate creativity.

As we year yearns towards late, what are you working on? Are your projects put to bed like a sleepy garden in preparation for holidays or rest, or are you creatively waking up? Whatever the case, I hope you have a wonderful October 31st, and happy writing to all hitting those keys/notebook pages tomorrow!

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