Transmissions Cover Reveal

Ya’ll, I am so excited about Transmissions and am gleeful to share the cover with you today! Transmissions, coming from Pine Float Press on 10/8/2019, is a collection of my last years’ work published by Apex, Asimov’s, Book Smugglers, Luna Station Quarterly, Pine Float Press and Strange Horizons. You’ll find short fiction and speculative poetry beautifully curated by Sean Demory, Pine Float’s mastermind. I know I’ve said all this before in my last post but I am so thrilled that I can’t help but reiterate. Seeing so many years of work compiled into one gorgeous volume that will be available both as an e-book and pocket paperback is sending me not just over the moon, but in a gleeful spin around the solar system, as well.

Transmissions contains primarily sci-fi narratives focusing on isolation, inorganic emergent consciousness, found family (my favorite trope of all time), and forging meaning in the Void and I feel the cover represents all of this in a beautiful way. So, without further ado, enjoy the cover for Transmissions, coming to you from Pine Float Press Tuesday October 8!


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