The Legacy Chapter 3, and Guest Art!!

Chapter Three of The Legacy is live today–a bit delayed, thanks to a spunky lil’ head cold. But here, and I’m excited! This chapter features Navigator P-72 and Operator S-4, and we get to hang out with Threnka-Resh, aka Legion Prime, over at Legion HQ as he seethes in utter frustration. Good times.

Ryouk-IshniI figured this would be a great time to share some awesome art I commissioned from the super rad Soulnova Alizrak, aka @yoski_soulnova on Twitter! She did a freaking fantastic job with my guy. This is Controller 1-A–a Xereth Hunter, and Legion operative. His full name is Ryuok-ishni, though he goes by the less formal name of Yuoki–or at least would do so if anyone really knew his name besides Legion Prime.

Names are a matter of pride, honor, and secrecy all at once to the Xereth people. Though they technically belong to the Kraah Supremacy, the Xereth are an isolated, cunning and incredibly resourceful race who are feared throughout all of Bastion for their strange resistance to many Legacy powers.

I cannot wait to share more about Navigator P-72, Aegis ex-soldier Cade Annant, and more in the coming installments. Also, you’ll be meeting some badass space pirates…that is, if all goes well with Legion Prime’s plan. Which, the way things have been shaping up lately, isn’t terribly promising.

Thanks for reading, as always, and I hope you have an awesome weekend!

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