The Legacy Chapter Two: here and on Wattpad!

I am so excited to have churned out Chapter Two of The Legacy, and I really hope you enjoy it! Building intrigue and suspense is so freaking fun that it makes the writing time fly at light speed–in fact, makes it far less like actual work. That said, since I’m trying to get these out as quickly as possible, there may be typos and such even though I do editing passes. I promise I’ll fix them when I see them, and keep the words flowing towards even more action, adventure, and high-stakes intrigue!

I wanted to officially announce that The Legacy is now available on Wattpad for those who want a much more user-friendly place to read. I’ll eventually be bending WordPress to my will retooling my site to be more serial-friendly, but for now, you can read here on my site or follow me on Wattpad!

In other news, I will from time to time be posting world-building tidbits, character dossiers and other Legacy goodies. Subscribe to my newsletter to get first dibs on all of these extras!

As always, thank you for reading…you’re the BEST!

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