The Legacy is LIVE!


Season One of The Legacy, the first of my new web serials, is live, YAY! You can read it right here on my site, and eventually on Wattpad. Now, cue movie trailer music…

Welcome to Bastion, a galaxy where supreme leaders walk their subjects in an ever finer line between wary peace and total war; where bearers of The Legacy, an ancient power once attributed to nanotechology and now to the wills of the gods, are conscripted and even enslaved, stockpiled like weapons for a future war effort; where the Xereth and Aegis systems vie for power, never seeing the shadow of a third player stretch across their careful plans; where not only Bastion is at stake as a terrible darkness threatens the edges of known space.


Stay tuned for weekly adventures following a cast of complex characters as they navigate sticky webs of galactic intrigue, dodge myriad improbable (and sometimes not at all imaginable) threats, and eventually learn to work together as something bigger, badder and more terrifying than any Aegis or Xereth super-weapon encroaches on their worlds.

Thank you so much for reading! ❤

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