I’m writing again. Well, not again–I’ve not stopped writing–but I’m writing about writing again. I disappeared for June and most of July to hit the keys in a big way, to plot and plan, tackle some major editing projects, to restore sanity and yes, to put together brand new content which I’ll be rolling out soon!

Some people have asked, “What about Ahra?” This is where I smile evilly, steeple my fingers while thinking about all of my plans for that world then reply, calmly, “It’s still on hiatus while I retrofit and restructure the series to accommodate more books, and I will keep you posted when I have this series up and running again.” Read: it’ll be SO MUCH BETTER when I relaunch the old titles and add new ones!

BeFunky-collage (1)What’s the in the works for the coming days? Well, I’m so glad I/you/we asked. In the next weeks, I’ll be unveiling three new series but unlike the Ahran Archives, these new projects are serial fiction, regularly updated and with ongoing seasons. I’ll throw some weird fiction, some rad sci-fi adventure, and totally awesome urban fantasy out into the world for your enjoyment soon. SOOOOOOOOOON. I’ll also be working on is blogging for Luna Station Quarterly, and on porting over all of my traditionally published titles to this site and pen name. Soon I will rule the world have so many new titles available to share…I am SO EXCITED!

Stay tuned for more, and happy adventuring in the interim! ❤


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