Ahra delivered: my newsletter is live!

A newsletter, you say?

Why yes, a herald of all the newest Ahra happenings and exciting events across the realm is just a signup away! Visit my landing page, or click the link on my Instagram profile to sign up and receive bonus content such as short stories, cover reveal announcements, and other exciting exclusives.

steampunk grounge papel with metal wallsIn other news, I’m hard at work on book two of my Tanahr Tales series; aka, Moya’s book. Those of you who have read Valiant Heart will know Moya Anders as a stalwart soldier, dedicated friend, and as a woman with a good and hearty sense of humor. There is much more to this member of Tanahr’s Valiant Corps, however. Though Moya assumes an uncomplicated mien, she carries within her a wealth of remarkable experiences, and possesses wisdom beyond her years. In Gentle Heart, my current WIP and the next installment in this series, you’ll get to know Moya, and see why she is a character I have loved writing over the last year and might just understand why my new hero, Ahndras Frost, cannot help but fall for her.

I am also writing book 2 in the Ahran Archives, the mini-series that introduces people and places from outside the Commonwealth of Tanahr–the world of Ahra at large. Though they are bite-sized, the events of these novelettes tie into the larger plot introduced in Valiant Heart, and all of my narratives will twist and turn to form an interwoven narrative fabric culminating in an epic final novel that is quite a long way down the road of this Ahran journey. For now, stay tuned for each installment in these series, and the new characters and dangers you will encounter along the way!

I hope this early May day finds you well and thriving, and thank you as always for reading! ❤

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