New Look for Ahra’s Stories!

Cover art is so important–that whole thing about judging books by covers, right? This past week, I had a couple of marketing and creative design heart-to-hearts with a writing bestie, and a word-nerd bestie who works in publishing, and came to a hard-fought conclusion: my covers (and planned covers) did not accurately reflect the content of my books. One person swore the books had to be YA. While there is nothing YA-unfriendly in my work, the books are fantasy with strong romance elements and focus most strongly on adult protagonists. After much consideration, I opted to replace the Valiant Heart cover with something new–something that, it turns out, I love (and of which my beta readers overwhelmingly approved). I also cleaned up the cover for Sixes and Sevens so that this novelette tonally matches the others I plan for the series! Behold…[*drumroll*], the new look for my Tanahr Tales and Ahran Archives series! I hope you approve, and I cannot wait to share the cover for Moya’s book down the road, closer to release time…it’s glorious!

BeFunky-collage (2)23232 (1)


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