Niamh Starsong: Sylvan Soldier, Devourer of Pies

bookcover0002942-2019-03-30-14-30-36 (1) (1)Did I mention I love my characters? Oh right, yesterday, and at length. But I really do! And I have not done them justice out here in the social-media-verse, a wrong I seek to remedy this very day. Since I talked about the hero of Valiant Heart yesterday, today I’ll spotlight Niamh, the brave and strong and lovely heroine of my Tanahr Tales series. Niamh is an elf from the Sylvan Woods (Ahra is home to three distinct elven peoples) who signed up with the Valiants to find a life for herself. On her first assignment with Captain Hawke she survives a horrific attack, saving many others’ lives but losing a leg in the process. All is not lost, though–since she never gives up on making her world better and is blessed to know Jeron Wright, a talented mechmage and healer, she yet has bright horizons ahead.

Niamh loves food almost as much as she loves being a soldier and though not a terrible cook, adores treats, sweets, and savories made by others the best of all. She is reserved, even shy and can seem at times a bit taciturn but once she gets to know people, she is a fiercely loyal friend. Despite her reticence, becoming friends with good-natured Jeron Wright is deceptively easy and Niamh learns over time how safe her heart is with such a true and kind man. If you like stories full of adventures, elves, steam age technology blended with magic, love in the midst of struggle and the triumph of light and goodness, Valiant Heart and the Tanahr Tales and Ahran Archives series are for you! ❤

Which reminds me…I’m hard at work on book 2 in the Tanahr Tales series and oh my, I am SO excited to share this one with you. You’ll see familiar characters and meet a new ragtag bunch of Ahrans who bond together to defy the odds and defeat a terrible evil. I’ll post updates as they are live, but I cannot wait to get this one out in the world. As always, thank you for reading and I hope your day is beautiful wherever you are! ❤

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