Jeron West, Mechmage Extraordinaire

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I love my characters. I mean, I have to live in their heads, hang out with them not just for the time it takes to write a piece but also to do edits. That said, I haven’t chatted about any of my characters in a while…now is as good a time as any! Meet one of Valiant Heart’s two protagonists: Jeron Wright, a mechmage, healer and all around kind and good person. I wrote him to be kind, jovial, but serious about what is important to him in life, and about protecting those he loves. He is as good with healing potions and spells as with tools, uses air leymagic (very common for healers and makers like him), hails from a northerly part of Tanahr, has a wonderful if sometimes cheesy sense of humor and is about as brave as they get. He is also the perfect foil for Niamh, a Sylvan elf who is a little on the taciturn side, and shy about sharing her feelings. Jeron’s never met a stranger, and Niamh benefits from his easygoing demeanor and kindess. He has been such a joy to write get to know, and I’m sure he’ll show up in more of my Tanahr Tales series. Speaking of which…if you like fantasy romance with steampunk and flintlock magi-tech, plenty of adventure and high-stakes action, sweetly sensual romance and happy endings, you should check out Valiant Heart, book one in the Tanahr Tales series! ❤


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