New Release, and New Adventures in the World of Ahra

I love writing fantasy romance. I get to build worlds, create and hone magic systems, pore over maps trying to articulate the geographies of my creations, and most of all, populate these worlds with characters I love. That’s why it’s so exciting when I can announce I’ve got a new release to share–I had so much fun creating Ahra and all of its peoples and places, and offering a new narrative set in this world gives me joy.

Sixes and Sevens, a novelette set in the larger world of Ahra, is now available for purchase on Amazon and many other E-book vendors. It’s the first in a series of quick but meaty reads that introduce countries and peoples outside of the Commonwealth of Tanahr, the focus of my Tanahr Tales series. The Ahran Archives will be short, fast reads running adjacent to the longer works of the Tales series, and I plan to release them alternately so that the world of Ahra unfolds in rich depth and full color.

In Sixes and Sevens, we meet a cast of characters living not in Tanahr, but in the Dominion–most definitely not an ally of the Commonwealth, if not an outright enemy.Β  If you like stories of honorable assassins, dark mages with hearts of gold, and love against all odds, then you’re in luck…this small tale is packed with some bigger than life characters in grim and icy world.

I’d be honored if you joined Corvus Sevens and Emrhys Coldriver in their journey to unravel mysteries of their pasts, survive the present and find joy together in my newest Ahran adventure!


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