Found Family: Friday Feel

So, I’m closing in on a week of pre-release blogging, and I’m no less excited than when I first began. If anything, I even more can’t wait to share the world of Tanahr with you!

I was thinking about what I might want to say for a Friday Feel post and what immediately popped into my head (likely because of the consonance of so many f’s) was “found family.” Found family is a concept that I come to often in my writing and world building. When I think about my favorite narratives–video games, books, shows, movies, tabletop gaming even–there is usually an element of disparate people coming together in the midst of plot drama to support one another.

Sometimes the found family is at first a simple matter of convenience or happenstance–like two of my favorite TV shows, Cowboy Bebop and Firefly. In most Star Trek shows I’ve seen, Star Fleet personnel are often forced to bond as they journey into the depths of space, or carry out duty assignments far from their homes. Many characters in found family narratives do have family of their own that they love, or that for one reason or another they cannot be close to. Many others have nobody, but gravitate, willingly or otherwise, to those who can help them in their journeys, if only for a time. And then, there are those who stick together with their now found-but-forever-families.

valiant_heart_family (2)
Valiant Heart’s found family. ❤

I realized, in creating graphics and character lists for my Tanahr Tales series, that the concept of found family is the backbone of at least the first three narrative arcs. In Valiant Heart, Niamh and Jeron find each other in the course of duty and as they are drawn closer by the events that surround them, they not just find comfort in one another but in fellow soldiers, mages, and people they meet along the way. Many of them have families of their own but come together in the big, bustling city of Astra as a found-family of friends, lovers, mentors and even pseudo-parental figures.

What are your favorite found family narratives? There are so many out there, and I never get tired of them so feel free to share in the comments. Happy Friday, all, and thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Found Family: Friday Feel

  1. I love the “found family” aspect of Dianne Duvall’s “Immortal Guardians” series. I think that’s one of the biggest draws for her books (along with the sexy not-vampires 🙂 ). I’m so looking forward to your release date! Almost there. Woot!

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