For the Love: Thursday Thoughts

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Hiya, all! I hope this Thor’s Day finds you well and thriving. :3

I’ve been blogging all week in celebration of my upcoming new release, Valiant Heart–a 40K fantasy novella that opens the door to a world of adventure, magic, and characters I’ve grown to adore in the time I’ve spent with them.

I will tell anyone who asks me about the process of writing and the journey to publication the same thing: it’s hard work. Work that requires patience, time, sometimes a thick skin, and the ability to focus and stick to a schedule. More than any of that, though, I maintain (and will shout it from the rooftops whilst standing on a soapbox and waving my banners high) that writing is an act of LOVE.

I absolutely LOVE being an author. I am a creatrix of worlds, purveyor of the rarest goods, matchmaker, fate-weaver…I am having fun. There are, of course, parts of the process I enjoy less than others. Writing synopses and blurbs? Not my most beloved pastime, certainly. That millionth editing pass? Well, the love can wear a little thin. That said, I languish when I’m not writing or working toward a major writing goal of some sort.

It’s not all fun, no. But my love for writing far outweighs any challenges I face in the process. If something is going to be this much work, should it not be THAT much more fun? I do the work because I love the work…plain and simple. And if I do my job well, the hope is that readers will love my work, too.

Writers, what do you love most about the process? What keeps you coming back to the keyboard/notebook again and again? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments! ❤

2 thoughts on “For the Love: Thursday Thoughts

  1. I adore this post ❤ Writing is a lot of work, but it's work I love as well. Thanks for the reminder! As for what keeps me writing, it's the stories and characters and worlds that have to be born from my mind. My mind is a busy place, and dwelling in these adventures keeps it occupied 🙂

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