New Year, New Release

Happy New Year, ya’ll! I hope 2019 is full of light, hope, joy and good things for all of us. I don’t often do New Year’s Resolutions anymore, though I love hearing about others’ goals and aspirations. I’ve recently started setting intentions: clear, concise statements about what I want life to look like in the days ahead. This year, my intention is to give myself up to full enjoyment of my writing and creativity in general, and to work hard in this joy to see my projects to fruition.

My first big step towards making this intention a reality is announcing that January 15th, 2019 is the release date for book one of my new fantasy romance series, the Tanahr Tales. Valiant HeartΒ is the first installment in a journey brimming with magic, flintlock and steampunk technology, found families, and of course, the adventure that is finding love. I’ll blog more about Valiant Heart in a few days but for now, I’d like to share with you the cover, a project that was a labor of love and which gave me great satisfaction to complete. Drumroll, please…


Stay tuned for more news and squee (I am full of squee, trust me), and here’s wishing you a beautiful start to 2019!

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