Winter Solstice; a pause.

CaptureDarkening of sun, lighting of night.

The balance shifts. Here in the Northern Hemisphere where I live, today is the long dark and tomorrow marks the tilt toward sunnier days and, like many people I know, I’m glad of this. I yearn to the sunlight like a heavy-headed sunflower. I love the light of the warmer seasons. But I cannot forget the important work that can best be accomplished in the long night months.

Winter is where growth begins. Underneath the snow or winter rains and brown grass, soil richens with nitrogen, reinvigorated for the moment spring grasses and flowers will need it. And in the quieter (and, depending on where you live, colder) months, we humans can also take time to fill our wells. Shorter days and inclement weather can force us to slow our pace. We can pause. We can sit in a chair and watch snow falling, we can stand under a star-studded night sky and contemplate the stars of Orion’s belt as they shimmer. And in that silence, we can be enriched, and make room for new growth.

Slowing down, taking time, allowing silence to speak where words don’t get the job done–this is the work of the long-night months. It’s important work that fortifies us for when warmth and light make it easier to launch full-speed into busy days and nights. I’m thankful for this celestial reminder that all things have their seasons, including slowing down.

Here’s wishing you and yours a beautiful solstice, a blessed holiday season and a joyous new year!

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